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February 1, 2014
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Winning Commercial Fire & Intrusion Systems

No where to run? (Wires.) Napco Commercial Platform simultaneously supports UL Commercial Wireless, addressable & conventional devices (ideal for cost-effective system upgrades). No matter what application, 32 to 255 pts of fire &/or intrusion, Napco Commercial Systems offer competitive advantages – like proven wireless that saves up to 75% of the labor.

Win accounts with more cost-competitive/attractive proposals by saving on labor with Napco's full line of dependable UL Commercial-Grade wireless devices. Cut costs on expensive wire and long wire runs with Napco Crystal-Control Wireless that has been field-proven in independent tests to Reliably Outperform all other Wireless brands (more reliable check-ins; more range even in harsh conditions).  Wireless can now be added more easily to existing construction and be easily removed or repositioned if the structure or coverage needs to be changed.

And, faced with the absence and/or uncertainty of traditional telephone company telco /land lines, with the popularity of VOiP internet telephone usage, Napco has developed alternative alarm panel NetLink internet/intranet reporting modules. For use in new and retrofit applications, they communicate alarms over the internet or intranet over a TCP/IP based network, securely using dynamic IP addressing, and can be used for primary and/or backup reporting. Napco’s NetLink Internet/Intranet TCP/IP Digital Communications Module is available for standard Gemini or GEMC Gemini Commercial and Firewolf Systems secure, encrypted full reporting - eliminates the cost of two dedicated phone lines.

Register today for a free Commercial Systems class in the field or online weekly! Learn about the new enhancements and features in Napco Commercial GEMC Intrusion and FIrewolf Fire Systems including: multi-technology devices; unique labor-saving, commercial-rated wireless fire and burg; addressable, conventional, 12V and 24V simultaneous device support. Napco’s New Fire Quick-Start Programming Mode, Streamlined Diagnostics Mode and Discovery/Auto-Learn of Devices with new Quickloader 6.3 programming software, is sure to get installs up/running and producing even faster. Register for classes, and earn up to 8 ceus free-of-charge, at

For more info on the Napco Commercial™ Platform, ask your distributor or contact your Napco Security sales or customer service representative at 1-800-645-9445 or visit:

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