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January 1, 2012
Contact: Melissa Duffy
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Alarm Locks keypad-less standalone access control Trilogy PL3000 lock is a big hit on Block Island Ferries. The Block Island Ferry/ Interstate Navigation Company has operated the year round ferry service to Block Island for over 75 years. After numerous attempts to increase security measures with competitive locks that failed in under a year; Former Block Island Police Chief William A. McCombe, now director of security for Interstate Navigation has found exactly what he was looking for with Trilogy PL3000.

Mr. McCombe has been using Trilogy (keypad-less) PL3000 for over 2 years now on the 1,200 passenger/40 car capacity ferries. The locks have been working flawlessly since installation through heavy coating of ice during wintery conditions and constantly being sprayed by the large saltwater waves from the ocean. Mr. McCombe is extremely pleased that he used Trilogy PL3000 as part of his Homeland Security-funded increased security measures.

Trilogy PL3000 is water-sealed for use inside and out, with operational temperature range of 151F to -31F ( 66C to -35C); making for its exceptional weather-proof performance. Its field-proven, rugged keypad-less lock with ultra-vandal-proof prox reader built-in allows for no wiring and long-life battery operation (key override with IC core option). Users are individually programmed to gain access only with HID prox cards, prox keyfobs or prox tags, for the highest level of vandal-resistance and dependability available.

For more information about Trilogy PL3000, visit: or call 1-800-ALA-LOCK.
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