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January 13, 2011
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Alarm Lock’s Trilogy Gets Top Grades With More Educators For Campus' Nationwide
Amityville, NY, Alarm Lock Systems, Inc. - Alarm Lock has built a strong reputation as a respected leader in door technologies over the past 30 years, ideal for educational and campus applications. Alarm Lock’s keyless access solutions deliver clean, fast deployment from one standalone door lock to thousands of inter-networked ones called NetworxTM. Its most-popular, field-proven cylindrical Trilogy electronic access control locks, retrofit standard knob sets in under an hour. School selection can come down to safety and security. Alarm Lock’s Trilogy is the smart choice for your investment and institution. With flexible protection from classrooms to sports complexes, labs to studios, residence halls to common areas and every door type in between, Trilogy Access Locks has become an increasingly popular choice among budget and security-conscious schools and universities. In today’s security conscious world, campus security directors and institutional locksmiths simply cannot afford to overlook the powerful access alternative and savings that Alarm Lock’s Trilogy Series offers. Prox ID models are a perennial school favorite as they accept standard HID® ID-cards. They quickly pay for themselves with lower equipment cost –less than ˝ or 1/3 the cost per door of hardwired access systems and are already field-proven for decades in leading businesses, hospitals and universities around the country. These access control locks feature FREE no-license software and allow the office or institution to control and get reports on who goes where, to document where and when they went into each area with a multi-thousand event audit trail; to save manpower and automatically lock or unlock doors at certain time schedules and restrict access to just those visitors, contractors, residents, and/or employees who are supposed to be there, and precisely when. Access control technology proactively attempts to keep unauthorized individuals out of a building or areas within a facility, and is a perfect complement to video surveillance, burglar, and fire systems in a comprehensive security solution.
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