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August 25, 2009
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Enhance Security At Your Workplace With Continentalís Custom Photo ID Software

When choosing a comprehensive security package to best meet your current and future needs, businesses have turned to Continentalís Badging 3000 complete badging solution. Easy-to-use Badging3000 photo-badging software works in conjunction with our CardAccess 3000 to provide multiple layers of security to your employees and company. Capture employee images, add custom text, create custom card layouts and print ID cards with magnetic stripes, barcodes, Smart chips and/or holographs with ease.

Badging3000 includes drag-and-drop WYSIWYG badge templates, editing capabilities, automated camera capture, online help and integration with CA3000ís SQL Database. It also supports Windows-compatible printers and prints both sides of a layout. Using photo IDís throughout your workplace eliminates employees from having to remember complicated codes/passwords and allows them quick access to specific locations, thus increasing productivity. In addition, access can be denied on any card at any time with a simple push of a button. Should the need arise, groups of photo ID cards can be prohibited access to certain areas of the business in emergencies.

Continentalís Badging3000 is extremely flexible and simple to use. Capture employee images with a handheld digital camera or via our point and click time saving image-capturing application. It works with AVI, TWAIN & WinTab files and locates a face within an image then centers, crops and stores it. This smart, face finding tool allows users to take consistent photos every time. Users can also employ our image support solutions to remove red-eye, unwanted colors, add watermarks and special effects or automatically resize images and more.

Badging3000 provides the best results for creating and maintaining an employee database. Our database management tools are especially useful for human resources, enabling them to quickly view, retrieve and reprint cards for employees who have lost or damaged their badges. In addition, our photo-badging software can also track payroll hours. Simply using a swipe in/swipe out procedure will give human resources the actual time that an employee worked. Add an extra layer of protection for your company with Continentalís complete Badging 3000 solution. Contact us today at 631-842-9400 or visit to learn how Badging 3000 can work for you.

About Continental Access

Since 1961, Continental Access has been used all over the world. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and our systems support all reader technologies from Prox to Biometrics. At Continental Access, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess software and access control readers, controllers, badging and hardware Ė creating modular systems from 1 to over 16,000 doors. Full factory-certified training and 24-hour technical service attest to our continuing commitment to quality service.

High resolution photography available upon request; contact
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