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August 25, 2009
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Alarm Lock’s Sophisticated Access Control Solutions For The Healthcare Industry

Alarm Lock’s Trilogy access locks are an easy, inexpensive solution to meeting your client’s healthcare and privacy requirements. Our advanced access control locks are less than half the price of a wired system and are BHMA Grade 1 Certified to stand up against the test of time. Trilogy’s scalable access solution performs flawlessly in high-traffic areas, supporting 100 to 2,000 individual users and meets JHACO/CoPs/CMS regulations hands down. Add advanced Trilogy access locks to any hospital door in no time while you save on labor costs. Our locks easily retrofit to any door in less than an hour, one door at a time, with no system downtime or mess.

Lose rekeying costs forever no matter your customer’s rate of employee turnover or new hires. Your choice of easy fingertip and PC programming integrates hospital staff in seconds and allows facility managers to add and delete thousands of employees and contractors from the convenience of the lock or PC. Assign authority levels and set precise automatic lock/unlock times – daily, weekly, or holiday hospital schedules with ease. What’s more, I.D. badges that already provide access throughout your hospitals work seamlessly with our Trilogy access locks.   

Trilogys are perfect for managing medical staff, patient privacy rights, expensive medical equipment and more. Grant doctors and nurses access to sensitive areas while restricting non-medical personnel. Keep HIPAA-compliant records of who accessed files with time-/date stamped audit trail reporting of 40,000 events. For greater security where restricted access is needed from both sides of the door such as in psych wards and Alzheimer clinics, try our double-sided Trilogy locks. They feature PIN/prox access on both sides of the door and include scheduling, audit trail and HID prox capability. Apply our Trilogy Privacy locks to your hospital on-call sleeping rooms, confidential file rooms, single-occupancy restrooms, dressing rooms, executive offices and lactating rooms for instant privacy. Temporarily lock out authorized codes/cards for a programmable period of time. Simply pressing on our lock’s privacy button from the inside of a secure area triggers an LED on the outside of the lock to turn red informing others that the room is being occupied and is in privacy mode.

Ideal in shipping and receiving areas, where valuable items are subject to theft, our locks restrict access to expensive medical equipment and are perfect for any location requiring secure, managed access control. Contact Alarm Lock today at (800) 252-5625 to see how access solutions by Trilogy can help you navigate HIPAA, JACO, LP, ADA and AIA rules, win new accounts and help you succeed in the valuable retrofit market.

About Alarm Lock Systems, Inc.

For more than three decades Alarm Lock Systems, Inc. has built a strong reputation as a respected leader in door technologies. Our wide range of electronic access locks has pushed all the right security buttons for security directors, business owners, and facility managers, who know that Alarm Lock’s keyless access dependably promises time-automated security and a wealth of management information. Meanwhile, Alarm Lock’s door alarms and panic exit hardware devices remain unmatched in performance in the locking industry. Alarm Lock Systems, Inc., is a Napco Security Group Company publicly traded on NASDAQ: NSSC.

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