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June 22, 2009
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Napco’s StarLink Full Data Radio Sales Rise As 1 in 5 US Households Report Now Only Having Wireless Phones

At a recent regional meeting, Napco Vice President of Sales, Dave Sheffey was discussing the alarm industry’s need to more quickly transition alarm accounts from conventional telco landline phones to alternate means. He remarked that “this trend (away from copper) to other communications methods is not going away anytime soon but in fact is escalating more quickly”. Sheffey in fact points to this as a driver for the early success of Napco’s affordable StarLink Full Data Alarm Communicators. The facts prove him out, as in the most up-to-date estimates available from the Fed concerning the size and characteristics of American households, it was reported that “more than 1 of every five American homes had only wireless telephones (i.e., cell or mobile phones)” – and that this 6 mos. increase is the largest rise in 5 years.  Also, of the homes still with landlines, 1 of every 7 attested to still receiving all or almost all calls on their other wireless phones.**

An easy universal choice to migrate to, Napco’s StarLink Full Data SL-1FD-T wireless alarm communicator is economical, reports to any central station and is compatible with any alarm panel brand using Contact ID and 4/2 format – so installs remain largely unchanged. Napco’s wireless radio uses the GPRS data channel of GSM Networks for dependable, high-speed alarm communications, supported by an extensive nationwide network (SIM card included).  Even when SL-1FD-T is used as a backup system, it saves money because it transmits alarm events wirelessly only when telco fails, eliminating duplicate reporting and central station traffic. Activation, programming and signal verification are accessible 24-hours a day via phone or online. StarLink annual subscriber service is separately available (#SL-1SVC-1YR).

Sheffey states, “it makes sense to approach current customers now on alternate alarm communications with a radio or a TCP/IP plan, or at least just educate them before they unknowingly change their phone lines to bundled internet phone lines along with their cable TV”—he quips of triple-play-type horror stories he’s heard nationwide, “…how consumers innocently upgraded their cable TV services for dad’s new big-screen HDTV’s and inadvertently jeopardize their home security and the alarm dealers’ accounts simultaneously… and, I’m afraid this recent drive to support DTV or digital TV, with the Government’s June 12th deadline, that just passed, obsoleting analog TV broadcasting, is potentially only going to increase that attrition statistic in our industry!”

For more information on Napco alarm communication alternatives, including new full event reporting StarLink Full Data (SL-1FD-T) or Napco NetLink TCP/IP Internet Reporting Modules, visit or contact our friendly customer service staff at 1-800-645-9445 or email directly.

** National Center for Health Statistics
3311 Toledo Road
Hyattsville, MD 20782

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