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April 22, 2009
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2-Way Voice Easy-Connect All-In-One Siren, Mic & Speaker

Napco offers the latest in advanced 2-way voice alarm verification technology. Our comprehensive system with easy wire connections makes installation a breeze. Veri-Phone and Veri-Speaker place homes and businesses online with their central station so alarms are verified and subscriber-caused false alarms reduced. Our all-in-one communication system delivers a higher level of central station monitoring since operator dialog is immediate and automatic.

Should your client’s alarm panel set off accidentally or intentionally, Napco’s Veri-Phone takes immediate control of the phone line before the connection with the central station is lost. It keeps dialog open between the central station and your customer’s premise. As the situation dictates, the central station operator can toggle back and forth between “Talk” and “Listening” or automate the communication process using “VOX” (voice operated switch). Based on 2-way communication between the subscriber and station operator or intruder and operator, emergency personnel can swiftly be dispatched to the scene.

Easy-connect installation takes minutes with just one speaker to mount using a standard 4-conductor cable. Our all-in-one Veri-Speaker multifunction speaker module contains a siren, microphone and two-way voice speaker. With few connections, no complicated setup and no special shielded cable, its no wonder why integrators are switching over to Napco’s turnkey security equipment. Separate yourself from the competition by offering your subscribers a higher level of security and years of peace-of-mind. No matter the event, i.e., burglaries, fires or medical emergencies, Veri-Phone’s got your covered. Give your customers the highest level of security they deserve by calling 1-800-645-9445. Visit for an introduction to our advanced Veri-Phone and Veri-Speaker all-in-one siren/mic/speaker.

About NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc.

NAPCO Security Technologies (NASDAQ: NSSC) is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of security products, developing advanced technologies for intrusion, fire, video, wireless, access control and door locking systems. Our products comprising of Napco, Alarm Lock, Continental and Marks USA are sold and installed by tens-of-thousands of security professionals worldwide, from security dealers to locksmiths, to systems integrators and specifiers, in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and government applications.

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