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March 9, 2009
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Check Out Napco’s Adaptive Network Technology Breakthrough

NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., has added new surveillance kits to its popular iSee Video product line. ISEE-VCMPT also known as iSee Video Pan/Tilt is the latest remote video monitoring solution to be released. Unique Pan/Tilt flexibility lets end users see more of their residence and/or small commercial businesses over the Internet at all times. New firmware makes our product easier to install than ever before and provides the most reliable performance ever. Plug the EOP module or CAT5 cable into your customer’s router and our camera will automatically adapt to the network regardless of service and modem type. Even in the most inflexible corporate networks, our camera auto-configures through the network to the server. Our digital IP camera’s compact design measures 5.7” x 3.8” x 3.1” (H x W x D) and provides video clarity supporting a maximum of 640 x 480 lines of resolution. 126˚ pan and 64˚ tilt allow consumers to remotely survey 180˚ panoramic view of their facilities over the Internet.

Residential and commercial clients from anywhere in the world can view up to 30FPS on their PC from our secure iSeeVideo VideoAlert server. To ensure that the DHCP IP address is always kept current, our digital IP camera checks in with its DNS server every 16 seconds. The Pan/Tilt camera uses MPEG-4 compression and provides dynamic IP support through the NAPCO iSeeVideo DNS server. Three new money-saving Pan/Tilt IP Camera Kits are available with 12 months of secure iSee Video network service. VCMPT-EOPKT1/12 basic pan/tilt camera kit, VCMPT-EOP1/12 additional pan/tilt camera kit and ISEE-VCMPT/12 single pan/tilt camera provide installation companies the opportunity to bring in recurring monthly revenue (RMR) into their businesses.

Our new technology also provides exceptional automatic recovery after power failures or network loss. If your network is down after a power failure, our camera will automatically reconnect to the server within a minute of network restoral. You will never have to walk your customers through a power cycle to wake up the camera. To learn more about our feature rich iSee Video’s Pan/Tilt Camera Kits, visit us at or call 1-800-645-9445 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

About NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc.

NAPCO Security Technologies (NASDAQ: NSSC) is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of security products, developing advanced technologies for intrusion, fire, video, wireless, access control and door locking systems. Headquartered in New York, and with offices in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and Dubai, its products are sold and installed by tens-of-thousands of security professionals worldwide, from security dealers to locksmiths, to systems integrators and specifiers, in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and government applications.


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