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January 27, 2009
Continental Access
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Provide Powerful Enterprise Surveillance With CAView 1000 Series

Continental Access offers reliable, flexible surveillance solutions to a growing number of end-user businesses. We have continued to make technological strides to keep up with the latest security demands of our changing world. Our CAView 1000 Series digital video solution is an example of technology at its finest. This enterprise system features software that displays, searches and plays back video at the same time across multiple DVR/NVR units. 

CAView 1000 Series creates powerful workstations using DVR/NVR systems. It allows retail store managers to keep tabs on their many storefronts simultaneously. Owners can designate qualified employees access to powerful administrative functions remotely. Whether you want to watch or playback multiple videos at your entrances and exits from several cameras across your DVR/NVR systems, CAView 1000 Series lets you do so. What’s more, our powerful surveillance system allows you to view your dynamic maps and integrates with CA3000 to link video with access control events.

CAView 1000 Series is comprised of powerful dual-core Pentium 4 CPU based systems with a DVD-Recordable drive, Gigabit Ethernet interface and 1.0GB of system memory. It supports 32 IP/Video sources and includes a 19” rack mountable chassis and sliding rail kit. Fixed internal storage is available up to 2.25TB. For more information on Continental’s CAView 1000 Series, visit: or call 631-842-9400 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

About Continental Access

Since 1961, Continental Access has been used all over the world. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess® readers, access control hardware and software. Continental Access is a Microsoft Certified Partner and our systems support all reader technologies from Prox to Biometrics. At Continental Access, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess software and access control readers, controllers, badging and hardware – creating modular systems from 1 to over 16,000 doors. We provide full factory-certified training and 24-hour technical service, attesting to our continuing commitment to quality service.

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