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October 20, 2008
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On August 13, 2008, Continental Access co-sponsored an hour-long Webinar with Dedicated Micros. Dr. Adam Thermos, a consultant and security system designer for many of our top universities presented issues facing security departments at institutions of higher learning. We were privileged to have Vice President of Sales, Scott Schramme on board as our guest speaker to represent Continental Access. Scott offered insights into how our technology solutions can prepare university campuses faced with modern security threats. Other topics covered included surveillance applications, access control for campus building and shelter-in-place scenarios.


Scott presented Continental’s proven track record of over 40 years in providing turnkey security solutions to facilities worldwide. From components to complete software management systems, Continental’s CardAccess 3000 security software is recognized for its reliability and flexibility. Our software provides the integration necessary for campuses to bring all of their security technologies together into one easy to use graphical interface.


With increases in violence at our universities, administrators are choosing to replace outdated security equipment with ones that make the grade for today and tomorrow. CardAccess 3000’s all in one security solution protects students and facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For instance, our instant lockdown feature will immediately go to work in the event you are required to lockdown a part of your campus. This is an indispensable tool in protecting both our population and property. Invaluable security deployments such as robust CCTV capabilities allow facility managers to see what’s going on and with core access control you’ll know instantly who is where. Other features include threat level and visitor management, elevator and gate control, alarm and CCTV integration, asset tracking and badging.


To view our Webinar, please visit:


Registration is free and the presentation is available online until August 14, 2009. If you have follow-up questions on topics covered in our Webinar, contact Scott Schramme at or call (817) 271-4080.


About Continental Access


Since 1961, Continental Access has been used all over the world. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess® readers, access control hardware and software. Continental Access is a Microsoft Certified Partner and our systems support all reader technologies from Prox to Biometrics. At Continental Access, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess software and access control readers, controllers, badging and hardware – creating modular systems from 1 to over 16,000 doors. We provide full factory-certified training and 24-hour technical service, attesting to our continuing commitment to quality service.

High resolution photography available upon request; contact
High resolution photography available upon request; contact
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