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July 1, 2008
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Get The Perfect Apartment Alarm Kit While You Tap Into This Huge New Marketplace
Napco offers Freedom F8KIT1, a complete alarm solution at an ideal price for apartment security. The suggested dealer price is $49.95 USD, which includes a panel, multifunction Freedom LED Touchpad with built-in pet PIR and UL siren, iFob Silencer and AC transformer. Freedom F8KIT1 works to satisfy both apartment residence and building owners and managers that are looking for an easy security alternative. Our security system is as simple as locking a deadbolt for apartment dwellers. There are no codes to remember, no exit/entry countdowns to worry about and best of all, Freedom eliminates nearly all causes of false alarms. Landlords may rest assure that their tenants can sleep soundly during the night.
Landlords and apartment managers benefit from this cost-saving solution. Freedom F8KIT1 is built for smaller applications like apartments to eliminate features that will never be used.  No installer callbacks are needed to reprogram the alarm when a tenant moves out. Apartment supers can simply change the deadbolt (which most do routinely as part of their security program). Since, Freedom F8KIT1 works with all Gemini wireless, there is no need to hardwire detectors throughout the building. And best of all, virtually no training is necessary for tenants wanting to know the ins and outs of our security system. Napco’s alarm kit is so simple to use that it works for family members both young and old.
Freedom F8KIT1 comes with 8 zones, 6 programmable hardwire or wireless zones, 2 wireless zones and 2-Wire Fire. An easy code-free touchpad features a built-in 95db UL siren and 25’ UL Pet PIR sensor with obtuse angle area coverage. Our kit is Gemini wireless ready, includes 50 event log and is quickloader programmable, simplifying the task of adding apartment alarm codes for landlords. Convenient key controlled deadbolt locking/unlocking is a trouble-free way for apartment dwellers to enter and exit their residence while stay/away keys eliminate countdowns and codes associated with arming and disarming.
With easy installations and a price that’s hard to beat, dealers and installers can offer customers a user-friendly security system that apartment managers will enjoy using for years to come. To learn more about our Freedom F8KIT1 apartment alarm kit, please visit: or call 1-800-645-9445 for a complete listing of professional security dealers in your area.
About Napco Security Group
Napco Security Group (NASDAQ: NSSC) is a leading diversified manufacturer of security products, encompassing burglar and fire alarms, access control systems, video and electronic digital and proximity locks, as well as panic exit hardware. Sold and installed by security dealers, locksmiths and systems integrators to millions of homes, businesses, and institutions around the globe.
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