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April 23, 2008
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Try Alarm Lock’s Trilogy® DL2700 (T2) Series: Now With More Codes & Power!
Our Trilogy® DL2700 (T2) Series continues to be Alarm Lock’s most popular standalone pushbutton cylindrical lock in the business. Grade 1 BHMA durability with rugged clutch mechanism and an all-metal vandal-proof keypad makes our DL2700 a favorite among leading retailers, colleges, institutions and hospitals around the globe. Now with more codes and power, DL2700 supports up to 100 3-5 codes and runs an average of 120,000 cycles with 5AA batteries.

All DL2700’s are 100% keypad programmable with multi-level security, including 1 master, 10 managers, 90 basic users and 3 one-time service codes. Easy to install in about an hour, DL2700 retrofits cylindrical lever-sets and digital locks using slightly modified ANSI A115 Series Prep. ALL IC Core DL2700 models come with a key override feature and include a key in knob cylinder, supporting Best, Falcon, Arrow and KSP. Our DL2700 provides easy dependable non-handled capability and can be programmed with a 2-wire remote override key bypass. What’s more, Alarm Lock’s DL2700 comes with LED and audible entry indicators. For optimal outdoor performance, our lock is available in a weatherproof, water-sealed model with an operational temperature range of –31˚F to 151˚F (-35˚ to 66˚C).

Alarm Lock’s DL2700 now come in seven aesthetically pleasing finishes. US4 (Satin Brass), US10 (Satin Bronze), US26D (Satin Chrome), US26 (Polished Chrome), US3 (Polished Brass), US5 (Antique Brass) and US10B (Duronodic) will adapt nicely to match a wide variety of doors and frames. To learn about Alarm Lock’s Trilogy DL2700 Series, visit or call 1-800-252-5625. A customer service representative will gladly assist you in locating your local rep or distributor.

About Alarm Lock Systems, Inc.

For more than three decades Alarm Lock Systems, Inc. has built a strong reputation as a respected leader in the design and manufacture of door technologies. Our wide range of electronic access locks has pushed all the right security buttons for security directors, business owners, and facility managers, who know that Alarm Lock’s keyless access dependably promises time-automated security and a wealth of management information. Meanwhile, Alarm Lock’s door alarms and panic exit hardware devices remain unmatched in performance in the locking industry. Alarm Lock Systems, Inc., is a Napco Security Group Company publicly traded on NASDAQ: NSSC.

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