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November 30, 2007
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Protect Your Family/Business With Firewolf’s Superior Smoke Detection Capability
After the devastating fires that gripped California recently, we are encouraging all households and businesses to prepare should they come into contact with fires, which are often fast moving and extremely destructive. Unfortunately, countless lives are lost each year to fires because so many are ill equipped. Firewolf by Napco has aided people worldwide who rely on our advanced photoelectric smoke detectors. Our dependable proven photoelectric smoke detectors will provide enough warning time for you and your loved ones to plan an escape route from a smoke filled area.

Firewolf’s advanced photoelectric smoke detectors utilize two bicolored LEDs for indication status. In normal standby condition, the LEDs will flash Green every 3 seconds. When the detector senses that’s its sensitivity has drifted outside the UL-Listed sensitivity window, the LEDs will flash red every 3 seconds. When the detector senses smoke and goes into alarm status, LEDs will latch on Red.

Our photoelectric smoke detectors more accurately detects all types of fires including: paper, wood, gasoline, polystyrene, smoldering fires, etc. for performance superior to previous photoelectric detectors. Both FW-4 and FW-2 are very attractive, low profile, baseless units that have consumer appeal. Dual LEDs for 360? visibility (with a flashing cleaning indicator) are great additions to our smoke detectors. Moreover, our patented innovative chamber design significantly reduces unwanted chamber reflections, so that the light source is pure and extremely focused. This combination of superior chamber and photoelectric beam design enables precision detection of even minute particles, as produced by clean-burning fires.

Both FW-2-H and FW-4-H are 100% burn-in tested and are also available with built-in thermal heat detection. To learn more about our smoke detectors, please contact your local distributor or visit If you have any questions about our extensive line of security products or want to register for CEU accredited field training, feel free to contact a Napco sales manager or customer service representative at 1-800-645-9445.

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The Napco Security Group (NASDAQ: NSSC) is a leading diversified manufacturer of security products, encompassing burglar and fire alarm, access control systems, video and electronic digital and proximity locks, as well as panic exit hardware. Sold and installed by security dealers, locksmiths and systems integrators to millions of homes, businesses, and institutions around the globe.

High-resolution photography available upon request; contact
High-resolution photography available upon request; contact
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