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November 1, 2007
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Turbo Superterm 8 The 8-Door Intelligent Controller
Continental Access continues to create buzz on a dynamic product that supports all access control functions for one to eight doors. Turbo Superterm-8 is an expandable intelligent controller, which operates as a standalone unit in the event server communications are interrupted. Programmed to work seamlessly with our CardAccess software, there is no need for continuous server communications as it automatically stores system transactions in its internal memory.

Turbo Superterm’s memory is field expandable and allows for greater cardholder populations and more transactions. The controller’s Flash EPROM firmware easily upgrades for additional system enhancements. Continental’s controllers feature extensive multi-stage lightning/transient protection for harsh environments. Turbo Superterm accepts industry standard Wiegand output devices and supports nearly all card/reader technologies. Proximity, Biometric, Magnetic Stripe, Barcode, Wiegand, Barium Ferrite, Keypad and Smart Readers are easily connected and controlled. Additionally, the Turbo Superterm can store multiple card formats in its internal memory. Supporting multiple bit formats allows existing card populations and readers to remain in place.

Up to 63 Continental Access Intelligent Controllers (Microterm, SuperTwo or Turbo Superterm) can be intermixed on the same communications network. Multiple communication networks (ports) can connect to the CardAccess® server for greater system expansion. Controller communication choices include: hardwire, LAN/WAN, dial-up or fiber optics for maximum flexibility. Continental Access supports RS232, RS422 and RS485 communication formats for optimal system configuration.

In addition to memory and power expansion, Turbo Superterm accepts up to 3 input/output expansion boards. The boards are mounted to the inside of the hinged enclosure cover. The Alarm Expander Board provides 16 supervised inputs while the Relay Expander Board provides 16 relay outputs and 8 unsupervised inputs.

A standard on-board power supply provides 800mA @ 5VDC or 500mA @ 12VDC for reader power. An additional 3A@12VDC is available with the optional expanded power supply. The expanded power supply can also be ordered separately and field installed within the Turbo Superterm enclosure. In addition to the rechargeable standby battery, each Turbo Superterm includes a lithium battery for up to one year of data protection.

About Continental Access

Since 1961, Continental Access has been used from large government facilities, to small private businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess® software and access control hardware and readers. Our systems support all reader technologies from Prox to Biometrics. Continental Access offers a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess software and access control readers, controllers, badging and hardware – creating modular systems from 1 to over 16,000 doors. Continental Access is a Microsoft Certified Partner. We provide full factory-certified training and 24-hour technical service, attesting to our continuing commitment to quality service. Continental Access is a Napco Security Group Company publicly traded on NASDAQ: NSSC. If you have any questions, please contact one of our sales representatives at 631-842-9400 or e-mail us at

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