Advanced PIR1680 series passive infrared motion detectors exemplify NAPCO sensor technology’s innovation, increasing dependability without compromising intruder catch sensitivity. For applications where animal/pet immunity is key, the PIR1680PT supports 65lb. (29kg) pet protection within its 45’ (13.7m) range. Or, the original model PIR1680, has a 50‘ (15.2m) range and offers nominal 20lb. (9kg) animal/rodent immunity. Outstanding false alarm rejection in both models is made possible with their advanced microprocessor that has been embedded with a library of valid and false alarm signal signatures - enabling the PIR to differentiate intruders from animals and other traditional false alarm sources. In addition to proven intruder-detection circuitry, these units also feature a built-in temperature sensor – at no additional charge - so you can provide traditional security, as well as climate security from heat and/or freeze damages, when HVAC systems fail, before pipes burst or décor, pets or perishables are ravaged by heat extremes, otherwise left unchecked.


Standard model as above, but with 20lb. pet/animal immunity

NAPCO’s dependable, affordable PIRs for residential and light commercial applications.


The tried and true PIR1500 & 1510 passive infrared motion detectors offer dependable NAPCO sensor technology optimizing intruder catch sensitivity with false alarm prevention. Both compact, unobtrusive units blend with any décor and feature a 30’ x 30’ (9.1m2) wide angle coverage. The PIR1510 model provides additional coverage directly beneath the sensor, using its look-down or creep-zone.

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NAPCO’s most popular PIR with advanced detection technology, generous 70’ x 60’ range and built-in false alarm prevention features


The field-proven PIR1710 passive infrared motion detector offers advanced NAPCO sensor technology for increased reliability and intruder “catch” performance. With a 70’ x 60’ broad coverage range and look-down creep zone that provides detection coverage directly beneath the sensor, the PIR1710 offers excellent protection for virtually any application. Other enhanced false alarm prevention features include, automatic SSP Signal Selective Processing for the easiest and most stable of installations, temperature compensation, white light protection and RFI/EFI shielding, combining to make the PIR1710 a natural fit for every residential or moderate commercial application, large or small.

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