Firewolf Series 24V Commercial Intelligent Addressable Fire Panel, NFPA72-compliant, 96 outputs, 4 onboard NACs (6.5A total), expandable to 24, built in Sync/Strobe/Horn Module (System Sensor & Wheelock) and dual line DACT plus optional TCP/IP reporting. Nearly a mile., max. wire run – any wire type –ideal for retrofits. Also supports legacy and conventional devices, too. Powerful battery capacity up to 32Ah total.

Features remote smoke obscuration reporting

  • More zones/points – 255
  • More power – 7 amps
  • More NAC's – 4 on board
  • Built in strobe/horn sync
  • More standby power
  • 32 Amp hour battery capacity
  • Regulated 24V output

Compliances NFPA 72, UL Commercial Fire, UL864 9th Ed., SIA CP01, UL985. UL household & commercial burg.: UL1610, UL609, UL365, UL1023, CSFM and NYC Fire Department Certifications.

NAC Extender provides nearly 7A and 4 onboard NACs with up to 2A ea; up to 16Ah total battery capacity. Easily distributes synched bell and strobe outputs with built in module. Monitors AC, battery trouble, tamper and ground fault on Napco bus or provides universal FACP support.

Regulated Auxiliary Power Supplies Commercial fire, 12V regulated 2A models; or 1.75A version with plug-in transformer

Firewolf Advanced Analog Addressable Commercial Fire Devices support auto-drift compensation and maintenance alert function

Gemini-C New UL Commercial Wireless Line with supervised tamper & automatic, continuously supervised signal strength (requires no manual test activation).

Firewolf Menu-Driven Custom Alpha Keypads Same familiar Napco ez-programming and usage.

Quick-Start provides faster menu-driven programming and increased laptop-to-FACP download speeds, new with Napco Quickloader Panel Software, v6.3 and higher.

Quick-Start consists of fire-only features and comes with a standard fire alarm preset program that can be used as a default foundation to build on and/or quickly customize.

Know how many of each type of device and just want a quick easy program? The QuickLoader 6.3 software allows you the ability to just put in the quantity of each type of device and the program will auto insert them into your file, all preprogrammed and ready to go mapping all inputs to all outputs. New QuickLoader now color co-ordinates the type of device you are programming red/blue, eliminating and accidental programming a features to wrong device type

Auto-Learn enables the system to discover and identify the devices on the SLC loop and preload a description for each in the applicable program setup fields, example, “smoke detector”, listing the quantity of modules, sensors and relays for each SLC module installed.

Fast Track Diagnostics Once the fire system is complete, Quickloader will run a comprehensive Error-Check /Troubleshooting review of all devices, zones and compounding variables as programmed. However, Fire-Intelligent Quickloader will now triage them, distinguishing system-critical errors, in need of immediate resolution, from less crucial issues, termed ‘warnings’, which merit later review, but still enable the system program check to be completed, so the system can be put online at the installation without unnecessary delay. QuickLoader system battery and voltage drop calculations have also been enhanced.

NetLink Internet/Intranet TCP/IP Digital Communications Module For GEMC Gemini Commercial and Firewolf Systems secure, encrypted full reporting - eliminates the cost of two dedicated phone lines. UL864 9th ed. compliant. (Note: This is the commercial version of GEM-NLMOD used for standard GEMP816-X255 Systems.)

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A657 Firewolf System Solutions



GEMC-FW-255KT 255 Point GEM-C Firewolf™ 24V Commercial Fire System Kit

  • 24V Panel, 255 Points via commercial addressable, wireless or conventional fire devices, 4 on board NACs providing up to 6.5A notification power
  • 7 Amp, 24V Power Supply
  • Built in horn/strobe synch. module on each NAC
  • Built in dual line communicator; dual onboard serial ports
  • Quickloader up/downloading including remote smoke obscuration reporting
  • Locking, Large Red Enclosure, 16 x 25" reversible door, with 14.25" x 25" base. Houses up to 32Ah battery backup.
  • Menu-driven LCD Fire Keypad mounts anywhere on bus. (Also, full keyswitch support)

GEMC-FW-128KT 128 Point GEM-C Firewolf™ 24V Commercial Fire System Kit

As above, but with

  • 24V Panel, 128 Points via commercial addressable, wireless or conventional fire devices, 4 on board NACs providing up to 6.5A notification power

GEMC-FW-32KT 32 Point GEM-C Firewolf™ 24V Commercial Fire System Kit

Similar to above, but with

  • 24V Panel, 32 Points via commercial addressable, wireless or conventional fire devices, 2 on board NACs providing up to 4A notification power
  • Locking, Medium Red Enclosure, 16 x 17" reversible door, with 14.25" x 16" base. Houses up to 16Ah battery backup.


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